La Boîte à Soleil


BambinReady or not here I come! All of my senses are in tuned to smell, feel, taste and explore the world around me. I work very every day to put a few words together to express my needs and desires.

I continue to become competent, curious and capable. I’m sure you’ve heard me say “yes”, “no”, “me” as I see fit. My tiny fingers are now able to slide a zipper closed, to tie buttons or to use scissors. Though I sometimes create messes, I also create wonderful memories. I leave many hand prints on the walls and in your heart. All I need is people around me who understand my behaviour and see the strengths in my weaknesses.

I really want to be guided in the right direction. (Psst! I am pretty sure the right direction leads directly to the playground!) With a little confidence, I will learn at La Boîte à soleil.

Personal Effects

All of your child’s personal effects must be clearly identified. La Boîte à soleil is not responsible for any personal effects that are lost or stolen. Candy, chewing gum, money or violent toys are strictly forbidden. At least twice per day the children play outside at La Boîte à soleil, therefore your child should be dressed in clothing that is safe and appropriate for the season. Make sure that ALL of your child’s clothing and effects are labeled with both names.

We request that you bring the following:

  • 2 weeks supply of diapers, you will be notified by the educator when this needs refilling;
  • A box of wet wipes;
  • Diaper ointment;
  • A change of clothing (socks, pants, top, underwear);
  • Rain wear (rain coat and rubber boots);
  • A hat for playing outside;
  • A small blanket for naptime;
  • A transitional item such as a soother, a teddy, or blankie (if necessary)
  • 2 pairs of covered shoes (sneakers);
  • Rain and/or snow boots (when necessary);
  • Snow suit (when necessary);
  • Waterproof mittens (when necessary);
  • A blanket
  • An image or photo of your family