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What the parents have to say about La Boîte à soleil: photo-bureau

“We want to thank you for all the fantastic care you gave our daughter over the past few years. From the parent activity days to all the cute pictures and mementos, we want you to know we appreciate everything you do there. We couldn’t have asked for a better place for her to learn and grow!”


“Our daughter, was just over a year old when she began her time at La Boite à soliel – Nouvel Horizon. She was not eager to see us leave for work each morning in the first week, but she quickly improved her mood each day, and by her second week in daycare, ran from our arms to ‘les madames’ to play when we would drop her off. She has a particular nap and feeding schedule but Mme Ginette and the caregivers were very accommodating to ensure her schedule at the daycare matched her schedule at home. As toddlers are bound to get bumps and scrapes as they explore their new surroundings, any issues were thoroughly reported to us to ensure we were aware of her misadventures. All of her nutritious meals were freshly prepared each day, and we were notified well in advance if any of her daily supplies were running low (diapers, wipes, etc.). As an opening at another La Boite à soliel Garderie closer to our home became available, we transferred her, but not without great consideration made towards the great attachments she had made to the staff and other children in her poupons group. Thank you to all at LBAS-NH for being so welcoming to our daughter, from her many afternoon visits prior to her first full day to her final performance in the Christmas pageant. With gratitude.”

“All of you are amazing. We truly appreciate all the hard work, dedication, care, intelligence, creativity and love you put into your work. This place is amazing and it is because of each one of you. You have the most important job – the most important ‘service’ required in my life, caring for my children. You hold my world in your hands everyday & you do it perfectly.  God bless all of you. “

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service that the child care centre provided. My daughter enjoyed her time in your care, and I was very happy with the way the centre helped her adjust to the child care service.”

“We’re very, very, pleased. Everyone is friendly, organized and efficient. Our boys enjoy it very much.”

“When anyone mentions that they are looking for daycare, I tell them how thrilled I am with La Boîte à soleil, and will continue to do so. My daughter has had so many great experiences at La Boîte à soleil Nouvel Horizon, I can only hope that her school experiences will be as positive.”

“The daycare is well-managed and the staff treat the children as if they were their own.”

“My daughter loves day care at Saint-Joseph and I believe it is because of the level of love & care the staff give to the children.” (Christine)

“As a family with only one French speaking adult, it was important for us that the kids would go to French daycare. It is everything we hoped it to be and are so excited to be able to set our kids up for success and to be able to learn a second language at such a young age!”

“When our children were young, we always had peace of mind knowing our children were cared for, stimulated and fed with a great variety of nutritional meals and snacks. The staff and supervisor have always been very approachable. We are greatful to have had such a great daycare look after our children over the last 10+ years!”

“My son loves going to day care every morning and he’s always excited to see the educators. They treat him like they would their own children. I love the wonderful care they provide to the children. I feel comfortable leaving him there for the day.”

“La Boite a Soleil is a wonderful childcare facility that exposes children to French and provides opportunities to learn and growth in a caring, supportive environment. Both our children love it (and so do we)!”

“I have had 3 children attend La Boite a Soleil and will definitely be having my 4th enrolled. The caregivers/educators are knowledgeable, nurturing and professional. The facilities are clean, safe and stimulating for the children. The menu is balanced, appetizing and interesting. The management is approachable and helpful. I cannot say enough to good thing about La Boite a Soleil and would HIGHLY recommend their services to anyone.”

“I absolutely love having my children attend La Boîte a Soleil. The service is exceptional high quality. The staff are passionate and intelligent and it shows. My kids have a wonderful experience here. The food is incredible. It is healthy and fresh and there is a lot of variety. My son ate turnips. I love that the kids are learning french. My youngest first words are french. I am excited to learn with them. I just love it here. It is an amazing day care. The best we have been to, for sure.”

“Our daughter enjoys her time at daycare, she blows kisses to the staff when leaving for the day. She always has pictures she’s made to bring home, and talks fondly of friends she’s made. Our experience with La Boîte a Soleil has been very positive, and we highly recommend them.”


What the parents have to say about the staff:

“I want to thank all the educators for taking good care of my son. He is adjusting and getting over the hurdle of separating from “mama’ in the morning. My general feeling is that I am leaving my son in the hands of professional, resourceful and caring people.” (Christina)

“She has gone over and beyond for our son who has struggled with a severe speech delay. Michelle has continuously worked with him, always welcoming him with morning hugs. She showed him love, kindness and “tough love” when needed. He would come home and talk about Michelle like she was family.”

“Since day one Mona has shown true love and affection to both my kids.”(Oscar)

“Ashley goes out of her way to make sure our daughter feels like part of the La Boîte à soleil’s family. She has created an inclusive warm culture at the day care and her efforts have made us feel like the day care is a family. She exudes kindness and strength! She is always smiling and makes an effort to include the parents in the child’s experience at daycare. We feel blessed to have her in our lives! .” (Kristen )

“Marie-Eve is a positive force, has a welcoming demeanor, is dedicated and allows her students to feel, safe and secure and her love for the children makes her an exemplary éducatrice .” (Jeanine)

“I appreciate that Karina goes out of her way each day to make sure my children enjoy their day.” (Annabelle)

“Josée’s excellence is demonstrated by her continual quest to find new and exciting ways for children to learn and grow. She embraces modern pedagogy in early childhood development by encouraging children to learn through inquiry and experience.”  (Andrea)

“I enrolled my second child in La Boite A Soleil to help prepare him for his first year of school. He had some separation issues, was a late potty trainer, had some verbal difficulties, etc. The staff at the center were fantastic and addressed all of the needs that I expressed. By the first day of school he got right on the bus behind his sister and never looked back. I was so impressed with the socialization and skills that he learned in the center that my third and fourth children have all spent some time there to help them prepare for school. No regrets! It’s local and convenient, the staff are helpful and easy to talk to, and the experience for the children has just been lovely. My kids have all started with some french thanks to La Boite A Soleil. Thank you!!”

“I am so thankful for the amazing staff at the St Joseph location. Mme Vicki is an outstanding supervisor always willing to go the extra mile and give time if a parent has concerns or questions. They are like family to us!”

“Incredible staff!! I feel comfortable knowing my child is safe, learning and having fun. I receive daily updates with pictures and videos, a list of food they are eaten and activities they done throughout the day. I would recommend this day care to anyone. Love it!”

“The staff not only provides exceptional individualized care for my child but also takes the time to really interact with parents making them feel welcomed, confident and assured in having their kids in their program.”

“She likes the after care so much that she does not want us to pick her up until the last minute of the day :)”

“La Boite a Soleil is a wonderful bilingual daycare. Healthy snacks, out door activities, crafts, always new things going on. Samantha is wonderful with the children, she gets very involved and my daughter just loves her.”

“My family and I love the staff and care given at La Boite de Soliel! We are fortunate to have such a wonderful facility in our community. Thank you for all your hard work!”

“It is a big relief to know that my son has a safe, fun environment to go to after school. I never worry about him and he is always happy when I pick him up.”

“The daycare has been a positive and consistent experience for us from potty-training through to after school homework help. My daughter loves the time that she spends there and I would highly recommend it!”

“I feel that my child is not only being watched after school but still educated. The staff are friendly and connect with your child as they develop. Happy with this child care centre.”

“Kind and caring staff. My child always wants to stay and play longer and comes home with lovely stories to share.”


What the children have to say:

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