La Boîte à Soleil

Strategic Plan Destination 2018

La Boîte à soleil has adopted four main directions in their recent strategic planning session, « Destination 2020. » This plan was approved by the Board of Directors in January 2018.

Strengthening Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Engage and inform key stakeholders
  • Embrace parents and staff as partners
  • Further collaborate with school boards and community partners
  • Strengthen our connection with the College of Early Childhood Educators and other educational institutions
Inspiring a Culture of Leadership
  • Enhance the role of mentoring and coaching throughout the organization
  • Advance inclusivity and diversity as it relates to children, parents and staff
  • Ensure compliance as a measure of accountability and transparency
  • Lead by example in our practice
Cultavating Health and Well-being
  • Consider physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in our decisions
  • Create an environment of healthy eating, physical activity, and mental/
    emotional wellbeing
  • Increase motivation for environmental stewardship and energy conservation
 Enriching Child Care Profession
  • Educate parents, schoolboards and key stakeholders
  • Market and promote the profession
  • Co-create the expectations and evolution of the profession with RECE’s
  • Evolve the child care profession to role model leadership at every level

Complete Strategic Plan 2018-2020