La Boîte à Soleil

Petite enfance, grande forme

Petite enfance, grande forme is a program that aims to teach healthy eating habits from an early age to help foster a healthy attitude towards food for the rest of life through the discovery and exploration of new foods. It is through fun activities that children discover how healthy eating is fun, easy, and delicious!

The pilot project started at the Nouvel Horizon centre in October 2015 and has been implemented in all of our centres as of September 2017. The educators have created their own activities that align with the philosophy of Petite enfance, grande forme for one year . These activities were then compiled into a kit that is now available to all educators in our centres. Petite enfance, grande forme is a collaborative creation by the educators at La Boîte à soleil.

Nutrition education is done through programming, daily activities and food offered to children. Educators use crafts, cooking, eating and exploring new foods with children to help them learn and discover. They not only use the activities planned for the program, but also integrate food discovery into all kinds of daily activities, whether spontaneous or planned. By observing and listening to children, each educator uses to children’s interest and ties it into food and nutrition: describing the menu, discussing odours from the kitchen (or cart), encourage children to describe foods with all their senses or even discussing the origin and source of food.