La Boîte à Soleil


PouponI am an infant… I may be new to this world but I already know what I need. I want the people that care for me to understand my way of communicating before I can even express what I have to say. It is said that the first two years of my life are crucial to my development.

I am beginning to be competent, curious and capable. So many things stimulate my senses all at once. Not only will my tiny body grow incredibly fast from one week to the other, I will also learn to accomplish many tasks as long as people support me along the way. My mind will start to retain information as soon as I am spoken to and the quality of care that I receive will be fundamental to the development of my personality. I am ready to discover the world around me. You can watch me stand up, then walk and then eventually jump with confidence into my life. With a little confidence, I will learn at La Boîte à Soleil.

We request that you bring the following:

  • 2 weeks supply of diapers, you will be notified by the educator when this needs refilling;
  • A box of wet wipes;
  • Diaper ointment;
  • A transitional item such as a soother, a teddy, a blanket (if necessary);
  • A change of clothing (socks, pants, top);
  • A hat for playing outside;
  • 2 pairs of covered shoes (sneakers); one pair for interior play and one pair for exterior play that covers the foot completely;
  • Rain and/or snow boots (when necessary);
  • A rain coat or snow suit (when necessary);
  • Waterproof mittens (when necessary);
  • An image or photo of your family


All bottles, (when necessary) must be supplied by the parents. Be sure to conserve the milk in a cool place during the transport from home to the daycare. The milk must be fresh from that morning and you must supply enough to last through the entire day. The bottles will be returned to you rinsed only. Our educators are not responsible for washing or sterilizing the contents. The bottles must be prepared in advance by the parents as well as the extra supply of milk. All of the above must be clearly labeled with both of the child’s names on them.

N.B. It may be possible for an infant to eat food supplied by La Boîte à Soleil if the infant has reached a full capacity of eating at the table. This decision will be made in collaboration with the daycare supervisor.