La Boîte à Soleil

Health and Safety


As parents, you should administer medications at home whenever possible. Medications (unexpired) prescribed by a doctor or naturopath can be administered by designated staff under the following conditions:

  • A form authorizing the administration of drugs must be completed by the parent. If the parent fails to complete the form authorizing the administration of drugs, medication will not be administered.
  • Medications must be in their original container.
  • Medications such as Tylenol, Advil or Gravol must be prescribed by a doctor, and guidelines should be indicated by the pharmacy on a label on the bottle and not on the box , with the child’s name specifically.
  • Homeopathic products may be administered provided the directives are indicated on a pharmacy label on the container.
  • The label on the prescription must contain the following information:
  • The drug name
  • The child’s name
  • The dose and frequency of administration
  • The pharmacist’s name
  • The name, address and the pharmacy phone number
  • Date
Smoke-free environment

There is no smoking on the premises of the centre, on school grounds and playgrounds.

Scent-free environment

Some children and employees are sensitive to various chemical or perfumed products. Scented products such as hairsprays, perfumes and deodorants can trigger reactions such as respiratory distress and headaches. For health reasons, La Boîte à soleil asks all its employees and all parents to minimize the use of these products when they have to go to centres.

Niagara Health Départment

All La Boîte à soleil centres must meet the Health Department requirement
regarding health and sanitary procedures and are inspected regulary to ensure compliance regarding those aspects (food/kitchen, clean environment, hygiene).

First-aid and CPR

All staff receive emergency first-aid and CPR training including Epipen administration. In the event of an accident at the child care centre, first aid and CPR will be given when required.


If your child becomes ill or is injured during the day, we will follow the following steps (the parent must ensure that the centre has the name and the person’s phone number to contact in case of emergency):

  1. Depending on the severity of the injury/illness and the professional judgment of the staff, 911 will be contacted; and / or
  2. The Supervisor will communicate directly with the parents
Criminal background check

Anyone working in a child care centre (as an employee, volunteer or trainee) must produce a clear police check or proof of application in order to participating in a program.

 Fire practice and lockdown

To ensure the safety of your child, a fire practice is done each month. The procedures to follow in case of fire are displayed in the rooms. Please follow these instructions if the alarm sounds when you pick up your child. Firefighters regularly visit the site to ensure that regulations are followed. In addition, the centre takes part in lockdown practices by the schools.

Policy for drunkenness

If the person picking up the child at the centre appears to be intoxicated, the staff will refuse to let the child go into the care of that person. However, the following procedures will be made by the staff on the premises:

Attempt to convince the person to contact a parent or other person who is authorized to pick up the child.

  • Ask the person to call a cab or call a cab for them.
  • If the person calls for a cab themselves, they will pay for the cab fare. If La Boîte à soleil calls a cab for the parent, the taxi fare will be paid by us.
  • If the person refuses to take a cab and decides to drive intoxicated, we will take the number of the license plate and call 911. If it is not possible to read the license plate number we will give the person’s information to the Police.
  • If the person leaves on foot with the child, we will call 911 and contact Family and Children’s Services.

If the person picking up the child at the centre has alcohol on their breath but does not appear intoxicated, the staff on the premises will require that person to complete a release form. If the person refuses the educator will then follow the procedure for intoxication.

Code of Conduct

La Boîte à soleil aims to ensure a violence-free environment in which all children, parents and staff are safe and feel safe in the centres. For this reason, violent and aggressive behaviors (including verbal abuse) will not be tolerated in any of the centres run by La Boîte à soleil.