La Boîte à Soleil


Parents and people of the community are encouraged to participate in our various activities throughout the year. Each of these fund raisers allows us to improve the quality of our resources for the different programs and groups in our child care centers. Each year we offer two fund raisers and two community activities.

  • The sale of Lamontagne products in the spring and MacMillan’s products in the fall.
  • Raffle tickets for a draw of 3 great prizes to win in May ($5 per ticket).
  • It is always good to label your children`s clothes, bags and shoes for daycare and school. Help our fundraising efforts by ordering Mabel’s Labels at:
Community Activities:ice-skating
  • Two mornings of family skating at the Welland Arena: the first Sunday in December and the first Sunday in February ($5 per family or a donation).
  • A curriculum evening and family BBQ for the parents and their families.