La Boîte à Soleil


If I need a child care service, how do I go about registering my child with La Boîte à soleil?

You can register with the central waiting list through Niagara Region by clicking on the link on our website or by visiting You can also call your choice of one of our 7 child care centers in Niagara to inquire about spaces available and to obtain electronic registration forms.

Can I register my child with La Boîte à soleil even if he/she is not from a Francophone background?

A large portion of the children registered with La Boîte à soleil are not from a Francophone background. Anglophone parents choose to start their children with La Boîte à soleil in order for the children to learn a second language or to prepare them for French schools.

Does La Boîte à soleil accept those receiving subsidy?

Yes, La Boîte à soleil welcomes parents receiving subsidy. To apply for the grant from the Region:

  • Visit the website of the Niagara Region
  • Click on the link Apply for Financial Assistance
  • Click on the link: Licenced child care
  • On the site, you will see the eligibility criteria to apply for a grant.
    For example: be a resident of Niagara, having a child 12 years or younger, a financial assessment, etc.
  • To apply online, click on the link: Apply for Child Care Funding
  • The online application is no guarantee of receiving the grant. Eligibility will be determined during an interview in person at the offices of the Niagara Region.

What programs does La Boîte à soleil offer?

La Boîte à soleil is a Francophone child care service provider registered with the Ministry of Education and offers programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, as well as before and after school programs. For more information you can consult our list of available programs or contact our administration office on Tanguay Avenue in Welland.

Are the staff qualified?
Yes, each class has a minimum of one qualified educator as well as an aid educator. La Boîte à soleil strongly encourages any non-qualified staff to take the proper courses in order to receive their diploma. Moreover, we offer our educators yearly seminars and workshops.

Can I visit one of La Boîte à soleil’s child care centers?

Yes, all you have to do is call the center of your choice and make an appointment with the supervisor. It would be her pleasure to explain our programs and answer any of your questions.

Do I need to provide snacks and a lunch?
We ensure good nutrition for children by preparing balanced meals in collaboration with a dietitian from the Niagara Region Public Health Dept. A nutritious snack is served in the morning and in the afternoon (a snack is offered to children in the after school program.  A hot meal following the recommendations of “Canada’s Food Guide” is served at lunch time.

Do La Boîte à soleil’s child care centers accomodate children with special needs?

La Boîte à soleil invites all children to participate in its programs. We offer opportunities for children with special needs where they can be integrated into our regular programs.

Is it true that a child that has attended La Boîte à soleil is better prepared than other children for his/her integration in a French school?

According to comments that we have received from certain school administration staff and the two Francophone school boards, the children that have attended La Boîte à soleil adapt much easier to the school environment. Not only are they more prepared for the Francophone environment, they adapt better socially and pedagogically.

What kind of vacation day policy do you have?
Families who are registered and attending a full day/half day regular program (Poupons, Bambins, Juniors, Prescolaires) for 12 months (Sept – Aug) will receive a 4% vacation rebate at the end of August each year. To qualify for a pro-rated rebate in the first year, children must have attended at least 6 months or more prior to August 31. The rebate will be applied to the child’s account on August 31st. This rebate only applies to full fee paying parents.

Do we have to pay for statutory holidays?
Yes, parents pay for statutory holidays.

Why do we have to pay, when you are closed and not offering a service?
Our organization still has to pay staff for statutory holidays, along with other expenses like rent and utilities. Instead of a raise in fees, the Board of Directors chose to have parents pay for Stat days.

Do you offer discounts for siblings?
“Absolutely!” La Boîte à soleil offers a 10% discount on your second, third and fourth child if they are in the preschool or school age group. The discount is given on the child with the smaller fee.