La Boîte à Soleil


Given our French mission, the language of communication with children and between staff members is French at all times; however, to ensure good communication between families and care providers, we communicate with parents in English and French. The administration will communicate in writing primarily in French; however we may do so bilingually whenever necessary.

***The unilingual, Anglophone parents have a responsibility to ask their educator or supervisor about the content of any correspondence distributed in French.


We ask the parents to commit to encouraging and promoting the French language as much as possible in their interactions with their children. They are primarily responsible for their child’s learning and development of the French language. The centre needs the support of the parents, their contribution and their cooperation in order to achieve its mission. Below are some resources to help learn the French language:

  • Collège Boréal  : « French as a second language »
    For information: or 905-735-2211 (ext. 7263)
  • Niagara College (Welland campus): « French as a second language »
    For information:
  • ABC communautaire : French classes for beginners
    For information call Normand Savoie at 905-788-3711
  • Services linguistiques absolus :
    For information call Annie Boucher at 905-401-5055 or