La Boîte à Soleil

Board of Directors

We value parent participation in our programs through the board of directors. Our board of directors is made up of parent volunteers and is essential to the smooth operation of our organization. To be a board member is to be involved in the care of your child. It allows the opportunity to share ideas, to ensure the lasting development of La Boîte à Soleil and the development of the employees, the children and lifestyle of the child care center.

Members bring to the board their support and their expertise when they approve decisions that are in the best interest of the organization. They also receive a new overview of the new techniques used by our team and share their talents and interests to maintain the quality of our programs.

The board of directors meet 4 times throughout the year at the administrative office.

Thank you to all of our current and past members for their devotion toward our child care center.


Members of the executive 2019-2020:

President:                    Mark Bovine
Vice-president:            Pierre Séguin
Treasurer:                    Marc Savain
Secretary:                    Mélanie Sodkta
Administrator:             Julie Lachance
Administrator:             Nathalie Vallée
Administrator:             Vic Pépin

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