La Boîte à Soleil

A Cooperative Engaged in the Community

La Boîte à soleil is a cooperative francophone child care organization incorporated in 1981 under the « Law of Cooperatives ». Our organization came together through the work of a group of parent volunteers who formed a committee and looked at the child care needs of the francophone community. The centre was then opened on April 12th 1982.Today it has 6 centers in Welland, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne and St Catharines, and is home to more than 460 children.


As a coop, we believe it is essential to support other organizations in our region to the best of our abilities. However, since we are a non-profit organization, our resources are limited and we must target the organizations we support.

Each year La Boîte à soleil awards three scholarships to francophone students in the following schools:

Confederation High School
Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School
Collège Boreal

La Boîte à soleil also contributes financially to certain community activities, especially when these activities affect children (eg Rose City Kids, Canada Day, fundraising events, etc.)

In addition, La Boîte à soleil welcomes every year many college students in the field of children’s services from various post-secondary institutes such as Collège Boréal, Niagara College, Mohawk College, etc.

Finally, La Boîte à soleil sits on numerous local and regional executive committees and boards:

  • Niagara Children’s Planning Council
  • Children are Healthy
  • Children are Learning
  • Niagara Children’s Planning Council Executive
  • Child care sector
  • Infant mental health Committee
  • Table Interagence
  • Comité Petite enfance
  • Comité visibilité
  • Quality Child Care Niagara
  • Niagara Emergent Litteracy Consortium
  • ECE Program Advisory Committee
  • Niagara region Business Advisory Committee
  • Francophone supervisors network
  • Port Colborne Litteracy Event